Information management dealing with the crisis
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Saturday, 29 December 2012 22:44

This ending year 2012 we've heard a lot about the crisis. The economic situation in Europe has affected the way of management of many organizations. We have known about dramatic restructuring and closures of activity. In the midst of all these changes I've asked myself:  Does the situation affect the way to understand information management?

The following thoughts are not the result of scientific research or a survey among managers of public and private organizations, are simply personal perceptions forged in the development of my business this year. Despite the bad omens at the beginning of the year, both public and private organizations have counted on me to develop their information and records management strategies and implement their projects. I have also participated in many courses and conferences, events where I always pick an interesting "feedback" from the audience. With these sources what I found indicates:

  • The different drivers to seek effectiveness in information management  have not decreased but even increased.
  • The times of enormous and indiscriminate investment in information technology have finished, giving the way to the times of maximize existing technologies and better performance.
  • Corporate strategies, streamlining information architecture and standardization in the use and management of information focused the speech about objectives to be achieved.

I also detected certain skepticism about the new terms coming especially from the anglo-saxon IT market. For example, the concepts of "Information Governance" or the controversial differences between "systems of record" and "systems of engagement". I have not heard anyone deny what they mean, but doubting about the usefulness of theorizing about them when we need urgently to resolve the problems of information management which remain the same as always.

And all in a climate of high demand, with less tolerance for poor results. It is the time of "more for less".

In this atmosphere I have been these last months, leaving this blog without attention. More than three months without a post..., the longest period since I am blogging two years ago. My New Year's resolution: Will not happen again...