New ISO Technical report 18128, Risk assesment for records processes and systems
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Written by Carlota Bustelo
Tuesday, 15 April 2014 00:00

In March 2014  the ISO / TR 18128 Risk assesment records for Processes and systems was published.

It has been well received. In the ISO website we can found the article, Are you in Control of your records? by Anne Picot, who has been the Project Leader in the drafting of this report.

Also in the ISO 30300 blog, Rosa Lloveras has included a post called "ISO 18128, the bridge between ISO 31000 risk management and ISO 30301 management systems for records.

As I have written in the past it is a great need to include the vision of risk management in records management practice. The current report focuses on a specific aspect of risk management: assesment. In the diagram included in this post assesment are the three central processes: identification, analysis and evaluation of risk. The report explains how to do this task in relation to records  processes and  systems offering a lot of examples for each of the areas of uncertainty that can be found.

It may be the first of other reports and products on risk management and records management. In an overview on this subjects, risk management can be applied in relation to records management in the following levels:


  1. The management of risks of a project to implement a Management System for Records (MSR) or a software solution for electronic documents.
  2. The identification of business risks which can be mitigated with the creation and control of adequate records.
  3. The management of risk at the operational level of records processes and systems (the scope of this report)


UNE/IN translated into Spanish coming soon!!



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