ISO 23081- Metadata for records
Written by Carlota Bustelo
Sunday, 17 June 2012 18:00

For the moment the series ISO 23081 records metadata standards is closed. Since the first publication of Part 1 in 2004, these standards have led the development of a sound basis for development of metadata framework nedeed for the proper management of electronic rceords.

  • ISO 23081-1, Principles, first published in 2004 as a technical specification, passing in 2006 to be an international standard, ratified in 2010.
  • ISO 23081-2, Implementation and Conceptual issues also published as a technical specification in 2007, rising in 2009 to be an international standard
  • ISO 23081-3, is a technical report, which proposes a method of self-assessment for metadata records management framework. It was published in 2011 and the text of the standard is accompanied by an Excel spreadsheet, which checklists in the form of questions, which can be completed with a score and produce an evaluation report of the organization with regard to records metadata.

The first two are translated and adopted as ISO UNE, and the third will be soon.

Since last May, the ISO working group, leaded by Hans Hofman, that has worked TC46/SC11 for 10 years in these rules has terminated its work. It was a plesuare to be part of it!

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